Monday, December 29, 2014

Love Your Body 2015 is coming this week!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas on Thursday! I know I did :) I wish all year was like Christmas...everything is so pretty, but a lot of people tend to be more hateful and rude for some reason. It's the season to be nice (even though you should be doing that all year!) Anyways, it's almost that time again! Fellow Tone It Up girls, you know exactly what I mean. It's almost time for the 3rd annual Love Your Body series! Here's a link with some info from Karena and Katrina :) It starts on January 1st and goes until February 14th. I joined Tone It Up during last year's LYB series and I've been hooked since. Their workouts compliment Blogilates so much. ALSO, Cassey is releasing a 30 day Flat Abs calendar on either Monday or Tuesday to go with the calendars!

I will try my best to participate in #VlogForVDay even though I personally don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I do enjoy all chocolate though ;) My YouTube channel is TheFreshman2012 (here's the link: ). I have been loosely (and I mean loosely) following the Blogilates and Tone It Up calendars (mainly because I have next to no time between work and school-before the semester ended on the 11th). I decided to step it up in 2015 because I'll be turning 21 and I'm tired of not looking as good as I should be. I will do a monthly challenge every month in 2015, starting with the Squat For Spring Break challenge, which I'm actually starting on NYE (it's on Instagram under hashtag #SpringBreakIn60). I've been searching Pinterest for the past couple hours for 30-31 day fitness challenges. I only need 5 more :D

A few things before I complete this post...I was looking up stuff on Amazon (I started because I saw an Instagram post and wanted to check it out myself). If you are a fan of Blogilates and/or Tone It Up, go on Amazon (or Barnes and Noble) and pre-order their books. Yes I said books. Here are the links:
Cassey (comes out April 7th)

Karena and Katrina (comes out May 5th)

Overall, I will be following the Blogilates and Tone It Up schedules:
Blogilates DecemBURN calendar->you have to be signed up for Cassey's newsletter for each month's password!:

Tone It Up Weekly Schedule->Dec. 29-Jan. 4

If I don't post between now and Wednesday night, have a very safe and Happy New Year! Remember...NEVER drink and drive. Call a taxi, AAA, or a friend/relative for a ride