Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Workout Schedule

February is here!!! :D My January didn't quite go as well as I planned. It was between the weird weather and my laziness (plus the Winter Blahs!) Here's to a new month! And for my fellow singles, go out by yourself or with friends on Valentine's Day (or as I call it, Singles Awareness Day). I'm going to go see Vampire Academy (in the middle of the day as I mentioned in my last post) and maybe either Ride Along or That Awkward Moment :D Go in the middle of the day while most people are at work or school ;)

Here's this week's weekly schedule (I might run for time, not distance. Ex. 10 minutes for each mile)
Sunday (Feb. 2nd)-yoga/stretching (Blogilates)
*Feel Good Soul Stretches
*Relax With Me
*Best Stretches for Chilling Out
*Stretching for Flexibility
*Run 10K (6.2 miles)

Monday (Feb. 3rd)-Arms and Back (Blogilates)
*New Blogilates video from Cassey
*Arm Attack
*Back Attack
*Victoria's Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout
*Backless Dress Workout
*Wear Anything Workout (Seventeen Magazine Workout)
*Run 1 mile

Tuesday (Feb. 4th)-Abs and Core (Tone It Up)
*New Tone It Up video from Karena and Katrina
*Love Your Arms and Abs
*Flat, Fit, Sexy Abs
*Sunkissed Abs
*Twist And Shout Workout
*Bikini Abs
*Run 3 miles

Wednesday (Feb. 5th)-Total Body (Tone It Up)
*Love Your Body with Kettlebells
*Frisky Fall Full Body Routine
*Strap Workout (Bikini Series)
*Santorini Bikini Routine (Bikini Series)
*Tone It Up Quickie Workout
*Wear Anything Workout
*Run 4 miles

Thursday (Feb. 6th)-Butt (Tone It Up)
*Spankin Booty Routine
*Beach Bum Workout (Bikini Series)
*Saved By The Bell
*Love Your Booty
*Beginners Speed Workout (

Friday (Feb.7th)-Legs and Thighs (Blogilates)
*Inner Thigh Clarity
*Bikini Blaster 2: Sexy Legs Part 1
*POP Pilates Legs and Thighs Workout
*Glad You Came Calves
*Legilates Legsercizes
*Wear Anything Workout
*Keep It Light Treadmill Run (

Saturday (Feb. 8th)-HIIT (Blogilates)
*100 Burpee Burnout
*Heartbeat Heaven
*BodyPOP! HIIT Workout
*Food Baby

ALSO...congrats to the Seahawks on winning the Super Bowl! :D They dominated from the start (literally)! And of course, you can't have the Super Bowl without the commercials! My favorite was the Budweiser commercial that went viral (yes, the one with the puppy!) <3 It was so adorable! Before I watched the Super Bowl, I had a dose of cute by watching the Puppy Bowl <3 It was so cute! Keyboard Cat was INCREDIBLE during the Kitty Half Time Show :D Since I posted late, feel free to do the Sunday routine next week. I think that's about it for's almost midnight and I have to be up at 5am! Until next time, eat healthy food, share recipes and workout like crazy! Train Insane or Remain the Same <3

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