Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update and Random Other Stuff

I haven't posted in a few weeks (I've been slacking and classes started on the 16th) but I thought I should do it tonight. My motivation to do anything (workout, eat healthier, sleep more, etc.) has been a lot lower than I've been wanting it to be (thanks Mother Nature!). My allergies have been pestering me for 3 1/2 weeks because it's been warm and cold all month here :/ It's been between the 50's and 20's (I's basically been below freezing, then nice and comfortable, then below freezing for the past few weeks) so I'm completely over winter and it's not even February yet!
Speaking of February, that means all the couples in the world are gonna be like "OMG! What do I get so-and-so for Valentine's Day?" Ugh. I mean, the couples have a day to celebrate what exactly? I don't celebrate it because I have no reason to. I've always been single so I don't bother (I just like the chocolate they put out for it). I read online that the origin of the day had nothing to do with love and relationships so what's the point? Plus there are 364/365 other days to do something!!! I'm taking advantage of being a single college kid who doesn't have classes on Fridays to go and see Vampire Academy (YES I love the books!) and maybe Ride Along because that seems good too. I just hope the weather is good so I can go fairly early in the day and not be disgusted by couples making out and stuff (yuck!) ><
On the plus side, the Super Bowl is this Sunday!! :D Who does everyone have? I personally say the Seahawks are gonna win but it will be close (as in a couple points!) BTW I pretty much called this at the beginning of the playoffs ;) I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing but I know I'll be watching the game even though I have to up at 5am Mondays and Wednesdays for class :/ I'm kinda hoping my brother was right when he said it might be postponed until Monday night because I don't have to be up until 9am Tuesdays and Thursdays for class.
I was just on Facebook when I saw many of my friends and news pages that I follow post things about people signing a petition to get Justin Bieber deported. I'm personally all for it because he's making a lot of people (especially celebrities from Canada) look bad and he's also a bad example for people our age (I'm just under 3 months younger than he is). Honestly we as a society should be trying to get people here illegally out as well. They're not exactly doing anything wrong but they have the potential to take jobs and money (like scholarships or government aid) that should go to citizens first. Our priorities shouldn't be getting some classless, immature celebrity deported. We have many domestic issues that should be taken care of before we worry about other people. One key to success and happiness is to worry about yourself before anyone else. This applies to anyone, including governments.
I recently (as in a couple weeks ago) discovered the Tone It Up workouts and started doing them along with the Blogilates workouts but the problem is time. It's a bit overwhelming doing homework, work, school, sleep, and workouts among other things too. I then decided to make my own workout schedule with Tone It Up and Blogilates workouts on different days so I'm not totally worn out after a workout :D I plan on changing the workout schedule every 4 weeks (this time it's 5 because it stretches from this past Sunday to March 1st). Here's the General Schedule:
Sundays: Yoga and a long run
Mondays: Blogilates-Arms and Back plus Cassey's new video; Run 1 mile; Seventeen Magazine workout (if scheduled)
Tuesdays: Tone It Up-Abs and Core plus Karena and Katrina's new video; Run 3 miles; Seventeen Magazing workout (if scheduled)
Wednesdays: Total Body Workout (any I can find online); Run 4 miles; Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled
Thursdays: Tone It Up-Butt; Running Speed Workout with no incline; Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled)
Fridays: Blogilates-Legs and Thighs; HIIT cardio workout (with or without incline); Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled)
Saturdays: HIIT (like Cassey's POP HIITs) with no running; Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled)

Here's this week's schedule (which I've been slacking on but I'll post it the way it was supposed to):
Sunday (Jan. 26th)
*Yoga for Weight Loss DVD
*Run 5 miles

Monday (Jan. 27th)
*New Blogilates video
*Bikini Blaster 4: Awesomesauce Arms
*Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back
*Toned Arms and Sculpted Back (Cocktail Dress Series)
*POP Pilates Upper Body Workout
*Killer Summer Bod (Seventeen Magazine Workout)
*Run 1 mile

Tuesday (Jan. 28th)
*New Tone It Up video
*Love Your Abs
*Itty Bitty Abs
*Sleek and Slender Abs
*Tone Up The Lower Abs
*10 Minutes to Amazing (Seventeen Magazine Workout)
*Run 3 miles

Wednesday (Jan. 29th)
*POP Pilates DVD
*Killer Summer Bod
*Run 4 miles

Thursday (Jan. 30th)
*Love Your Booty
*Beautiful Booty
*Lift and Tone
*Thailand Tush
*10 Minutes to Amazing
*Speed Workout (not quite sure which one I'm doing yet)

Friday (Jan. 31st)
*Legs on Fire
*Sexy Sculpted Legs (Cocktail Dress Series)
*Hips, Butt and Thighs Super Shaper Workout
*POP Pilates Legs and Thighs Workout
*Saddlebag Shaver
*Killer Summer Bod
*Sweat Sexy Treadmill Routine (From Blogilates)

Saturday (Feb. 1st)
*POP HIIT 6: Feel This Moment (from Blogilates-Cardio Blast will either be on the elliptical or stairs at the house depending on if I make it to the gym for this one)
*10 Minutes to Amazing
*Biggest Winner Workout (Seventeen Magazine Workout)

Okay, sorry for the super long post but that's about it for now. Until next time, remember to cook yummy food (and share recipes with me!), have intense and awesome workouts, have fun, and try not to let winter get you too far away from the Motivation Trail! :)