Monday, December 29, 2014

Love Your Body 2015 is coming this week!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas on Thursday! I know I did :) I wish all year was like Christmas...everything is so pretty, but a lot of people tend to be more hateful and rude for some reason. It's the season to be nice (even though you should be doing that all year!) Anyways, it's almost that time again! Fellow Tone It Up girls, you know exactly what I mean. It's almost time for the 3rd annual Love Your Body series! Here's a link with some info from Karena and Katrina :) It starts on January 1st and goes until February 14th. I joined Tone It Up during last year's LYB series and I've been hooked since. Their workouts compliment Blogilates so much. ALSO, Cassey is releasing a 30 day Flat Abs calendar on either Monday or Tuesday to go with the calendars!

I will try my best to participate in #VlogForVDay even though I personally don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I do enjoy all chocolate though ;) My YouTube channel is TheFreshman2012 (here's the link: ). I have been loosely (and I mean loosely) following the Blogilates and Tone It Up calendars (mainly because I have next to no time between work and school-before the semester ended on the 11th). I decided to step it up in 2015 because I'll be turning 21 and I'm tired of not looking as good as I should be. I will do a monthly challenge every month in 2015, starting with the Squat For Spring Break challenge, which I'm actually starting on NYE (it's on Instagram under hashtag #SpringBreakIn60). I've been searching Pinterest for the past couple hours for 30-31 day fitness challenges. I only need 5 more :D

A few things before I complete this post...I was looking up stuff on Amazon (I started because I saw an Instagram post and wanted to check it out myself). If you are a fan of Blogilates and/or Tone It Up, go on Amazon (or Barnes and Noble) and pre-order their books. Yes I said books. Here are the links:
Cassey (comes out April 7th)

Karena and Katrina (comes out May 5th)

Overall, I will be following the Blogilates and Tone It Up schedules:
Blogilates DecemBURN calendar->you have to be signed up for Cassey's newsletter for each month's password!:

Tone It Up Weekly Schedule->Dec. 29-Jan. 4

If I don't post between now and Wednesday night, have a very safe and Happy New Year! Remember...NEVER drink and drive. Call a taxi, AAA, or a friend/relative for a ride

Monday, March 24, 2014

Update March 24, 2014

I've been hard at work between work and school lately. I didn't workout for a while but it happens. I'm proud to say I'm back on the regular Blogilates and Tone It Up calendars :) BTW...Tone It Up's annual Bikini Series starts April 28th if you didn't already know :D

Last week, I came to the realization that I want to be a beach babe (not those models you see in Sports Illustrated...more like Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up). I've just recently (as in a couple years ago) became obsessed with anything and everything tropical and beachy :) Being from South Jersey, I was all but surrounded by trees (lots and lots of them!) and also many beautiful beaches (my personal favorite is Surf City on Long Beach Island, NJ-go visit any beach in NJ in the summertime!). I've never had a beach babe body but it's not too late to change that, especially with summer right around the corner :D Cassey has a Bikini Body Pilates series with Lionsgate BeFit (it's 4 weeks long) so I'm starting that to lead up to the Bikini Series (which takes place 8 weeks before summer starts!) 

I ordered the Perfect Fit Protein sample pack last week from Tone It Up but I haven't used it yet. When I do use it, I'll post about it and how I like it. Get it at or :) The sample pack comes with 1 packet of chocolate Perfect Fit, 1 packet of vanilla Perfect Fit, a Perfect Fit bar (chocolate peanut...I hope they come out with more in the future!), a 10% off coupon and a recipe card :)

I decided to save and print the meal plans from (and also the Tone It Up nutrition plan when I get it...more on that in a sec) :) I printed them off, put them back to back on sheet protectors (the same ones I use for printable workouts), and save them in a 1.5 inch teal 3-ring binder :) 
If you don't follow Tone It Up on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, then you probably don't know they decided to implement a payment plan onto their nutrition plan. It's through paypal (can someone please tell me if it's safe? Thanks). You still get the entire Nutrition Plan within 48 hours like if you paid in full but I'm not sure how much you have to pay up front. Once I get it, I'll review some of the recipes and how I like it :)

I ordered the Beach Babe Lip Balms from Tone It Up last week. They come in pomegranate, coconut and pineapple :) I definitely recommend these to anyone who loves tropical scents and lip balm that doesn't make your lips feel waxy and gross. Plus they're SPF 15, vegan and gluten-free :D go to and click on 'accessories' :)

I also ordered a blue yoga mat keychain from Cassey this week :) it's light blue and feels like a real yoga mat! She also has a teal, pink and yellow one :) Go to (or also for one :) They're perfect for car keys (which is where mine is). The perfect gift for a yoga/Pilates enthusiast (like myself lol) :D

*Weekly Workout Schedule*
Monday 3-24-14
Toned and Lean Beach Day Routine (Tone It Up)
New Blogilates video
Bikini Bod 2 for Arms and Abs (Blogilates)
Bikini Booty Thong Workout (Blogilates)
Standing Pilates by the Sea (Blogilates)

Tuesday 3-25-14
Excited for Spring (Tone It Up...this was supposed to be Monday but I'll just do it Tuesday)
Pura Vida (Tone It Up)
Sunset Routine (Tone It Up)
Bikini Blaster 1: HIIT It Hard (Blogilates
Bikini Blaster 2: Sexy Legs (parts 1 and 2...Blogilates)
Bikini Blaster 3: Abs Abs Abs

Wednesday 3-26-14
Malibooty (Tone It Up)
Itty Bitty Bikini (Tone It Up)
Bikini Blaster 4: Awesomesauce Arms (Blogilates)
Bikini Blaster 5: Muffintopless
Bikini Blaster 6: Booty Booty Booty (Blogilates)
Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back

Thursday 3-27-14
30 minutes cardio (probably running-Tone It Up)
Beach Yoga with Karena (Tone It Up)
Butt Lift and Slim Thighs (Blogilates)
Dance with Me Abs (Blogilates)
Playa del Plank (Blogilates)
Hard Core Workout (Blogilates)
Relax with Me Stretches (Blogilates)

Friday 3-28-14 (catchup day for missed workouts if necessary!)
30 minute run (Tone It Up)
Bridal Babe Workout (2-3 rounds-Tone It Up)
Abs on Fire (Blogilates)
Arms on Fire (Blogilates)
Butt on Fire (Blogilates)
Heart on Fire (Blogilates)
Back on Fire (Blogilates)
Legs on Fire (Blogilates)

Saturday 3-29-14
Triathlon Toned (Tone It Up...good luck in your half Ironman Karena!!)
Victoria's Secret Model Ab Workout (Blogilates)
Victoria's Secret Supermodel Stiletto Leg Workout (Blogilates)
Victoria's Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout (Blogilates)
Victoria's Secret Bombshell Butt Workout (Blogilates)

Sunday 3-30-14
2 mile run (Tone It Up)
Best Triathlon Stretching Routine (Tone It Up)
Stretching for Flexibility (Blogilates)

Alright...I think that's about it for today :) I have homework due in the morning. If you're ever frustrated, take it out on a workout. Kill a workout, not a person (it's legal and you don't live with regret!)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hunger Games Book Reviews

I finished Mockingjay on Saturday night (I read 2/3 of it in 2 days!). I've read the first one twice (once in 2011 and again in December when I bought the others) and the others once. I loved the books (and the first movie) so much I thought I might as well review them so here it goes...

The Hunger Games (#1)
In my opinion, this was the worst book of the series but it was absolutely incredible! It starts so peacefully but definitely changed when Katniss volunteered to go in the Games. Suzanne Collins (the author) kept throwing all these twists and turns which made it that much better! I'm pretty sure Katniss is rapidly making archery cool (I tried it once and it's a lot of fun!) I wasn't expecting the Games to end the way they did but it was truly art :') BE'll probably cry when a certain someone dies (I won't spoil it in the small chance you haven't read it!) I personally thought the movie was wasn't as good as the book but it was incredible! Jennifer Lawrence plays a perfect Katniss! The movie was a bit different than the book but it was a lot more similar than most books-to-movies these days. I recommend reading this BEFORE you see the movie, if you haven't done either one yet!

Catching Fire (#2)
The series improved (I didn't think it was possible after the first book!) The Quarter Quell was definitely a big plot twist. I was very shocked when President Snow announced the Quarter Quell and what it was gonna be. This had many plot twists but they all contributed to the amazingness that is this book (and series!) I LOVED how she left you hanging at the very end (literally!) I recommend buying Mockingjay before you even start the last part of this book! You'll want to start right away because it flowed so perfectly into Mockingjay. I haven't seen the movie yet but once I see it, I'll review the first two.

Mockingjay (#3)
The beginning of this book was a perfect transition from the end of Catching Fire. This is the only book in the series that doesn't have a Games. I won't go into too much detail (I don't want to spoil it) but Katniss and her group find a way to get rid of the Games forever. This book had as much action as the first two but it was definitely more realistic because there wasn't a Hunger Game. Those weapons Beetee made for Katniss and Gale were incredible! I just hated how everyone got split up on their mission and some died (Finnick was awesome!) The series definitely ended on a high note with the Games ending for good and everyone living more peacefully. I finished this 2 days ago and I'm still going nuts about the ending! I'm really excited for Part 1 of the movie in November of this year :D

Before I started reading the series, I wasn't sure about it. It seemed like I wouldn't like it but I was way off! This series is the perfect blend of drama, action, romance and pure awesomeness :D I highly recommend all 3 books (buy them at the same time if possible) and the first movie! I give this whole series 5 out of 5 stars (I would give more but I don't think I can!) I personally loved the 3-part layout of the should be used in more series in my opinion :) I'll post more reviews of series I've read (whole ones, not just a couple) :D If you have any book or movie suggestions, let me know and I'll see if I have read/seen them :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Workout Schedule

February is here!!! :D My January didn't quite go as well as I planned. It was between the weird weather and my laziness (plus the Winter Blahs!) Here's to a new month! And for my fellow singles, go out by yourself or with friends on Valentine's Day (or as I call it, Singles Awareness Day). I'm going to go see Vampire Academy (in the middle of the day as I mentioned in my last post) and maybe either Ride Along or That Awkward Moment :D Go in the middle of the day while most people are at work or school ;)

Here's this week's weekly schedule (I might run for time, not distance. Ex. 10 minutes for each mile)
Sunday (Feb. 2nd)-yoga/stretching (Blogilates)
*Feel Good Soul Stretches
*Relax With Me
*Best Stretches for Chilling Out
*Stretching for Flexibility
*Run 10K (6.2 miles)

Monday (Feb. 3rd)-Arms and Back (Blogilates)
*New Blogilates video from Cassey
*Arm Attack
*Back Attack
*Victoria's Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout
*Backless Dress Workout
*Wear Anything Workout (Seventeen Magazine Workout)
*Run 1 mile

Tuesday (Feb. 4th)-Abs and Core (Tone It Up)
*New Tone It Up video from Karena and Katrina
*Love Your Arms and Abs
*Flat, Fit, Sexy Abs
*Sunkissed Abs
*Twist And Shout Workout
*Bikini Abs
*Run 3 miles

Wednesday (Feb. 5th)-Total Body (Tone It Up)
*Love Your Body with Kettlebells
*Frisky Fall Full Body Routine
*Strap Workout (Bikini Series)
*Santorini Bikini Routine (Bikini Series)
*Tone It Up Quickie Workout
*Wear Anything Workout
*Run 4 miles

Thursday (Feb. 6th)-Butt (Tone It Up)
*Spankin Booty Routine
*Beach Bum Workout (Bikini Series)
*Saved By The Bell
*Love Your Booty
*Beginners Speed Workout (

Friday (Feb.7th)-Legs and Thighs (Blogilates)
*Inner Thigh Clarity
*Bikini Blaster 2: Sexy Legs Part 1
*POP Pilates Legs and Thighs Workout
*Glad You Came Calves
*Legilates Legsercizes
*Wear Anything Workout
*Keep It Light Treadmill Run (

Saturday (Feb. 8th)-HIIT (Blogilates)
*100 Burpee Burnout
*Heartbeat Heaven
*BodyPOP! HIIT Workout
*Food Baby

ALSO...congrats to the Seahawks on winning the Super Bowl! :D They dominated from the start (literally)! And of course, you can't have the Super Bowl without the commercials! My favorite was the Budweiser commercial that went viral (yes, the one with the puppy!) <3 It was so adorable! Before I watched the Super Bowl, I had a dose of cute by watching the Puppy Bowl <3 It was so cute! Keyboard Cat was INCREDIBLE during the Kitty Half Time Show :D Since I posted late, feel free to do the Sunday routine next week. I think that's about it for's almost midnight and I have to be up at 5am! Until next time, eat healthy food, share recipes and workout like crazy! Train Insane or Remain the Same <3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update and Random Other Stuff

I haven't posted in a few weeks (I've been slacking and classes started on the 16th) but I thought I should do it tonight. My motivation to do anything (workout, eat healthier, sleep more, etc.) has been a lot lower than I've been wanting it to be (thanks Mother Nature!). My allergies have been pestering me for 3 1/2 weeks because it's been warm and cold all month here :/ It's been between the 50's and 20's (I's basically been below freezing, then nice and comfortable, then below freezing for the past few weeks) so I'm completely over winter and it's not even February yet!
Speaking of February, that means all the couples in the world are gonna be like "OMG! What do I get so-and-so for Valentine's Day?" Ugh. I mean, the couples have a day to celebrate what exactly? I don't celebrate it because I have no reason to. I've always been single so I don't bother (I just like the chocolate they put out for it). I read online that the origin of the day had nothing to do with love and relationships so what's the point? Plus there are 364/365 other days to do something!!! I'm taking advantage of being a single college kid who doesn't have classes on Fridays to go and see Vampire Academy (YES I love the books!) and maybe Ride Along because that seems good too. I just hope the weather is good so I can go fairly early in the day and not be disgusted by couples making out and stuff (yuck!) ><
On the plus side, the Super Bowl is this Sunday!! :D Who does everyone have? I personally say the Seahawks are gonna win but it will be close (as in a couple points!) BTW I pretty much called this at the beginning of the playoffs ;) I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing but I know I'll be watching the game even though I have to up at 5am Mondays and Wednesdays for class :/ I'm kinda hoping my brother was right when he said it might be postponed until Monday night because I don't have to be up until 9am Tuesdays and Thursdays for class.
I was just on Facebook when I saw many of my friends and news pages that I follow post things about people signing a petition to get Justin Bieber deported. I'm personally all for it because he's making a lot of people (especially celebrities from Canada) look bad and he's also a bad example for people our age (I'm just under 3 months younger than he is). Honestly we as a society should be trying to get people here illegally out as well. They're not exactly doing anything wrong but they have the potential to take jobs and money (like scholarships or government aid) that should go to citizens first. Our priorities shouldn't be getting some classless, immature celebrity deported. We have many domestic issues that should be taken care of before we worry about other people. One key to success and happiness is to worry about yourself before anyone else. This applies to anyone, including governments.
I recently (as in a couple weeks ago) discovered the Tone It Up workouts and started doing them along with the Blogilates workouts but the problem is time. It's a bit overwhelming doing homework, work, school, sleep, and workouts among other things too. I then decided to make my own workout schedule with Tone It Up and Blogilates workouts on different days so I'm not totally worn out after a workout :D I plan on changing the workout schedule every 4 weeks (this time it's 5 because it stretches from this past Sunday to March 1st). Here's the General Schedule:
Sundays: Yoga and a long run
Mondays: Blogilates-Arms and Back plus Cassey's new video; Run 1 mile; Seventeen Magazine workout (if scheduled)
Tuesdays: Tone It Up-Abs and Core plus Karena and Katrina's new video; Run 3 miles; Seventeen Magazing workout (if scheduled)
Wednesdays: Total Body Workout (any I can find online); Run 4 miles; Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled
Thursdays: Tone It Up-Butt; Running Speed Workout with no incline; Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled)
Fridays: Blogilates-Legs and Thighs; HIIT cardio workout (with or without incline); Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled)
Saturdays: HIIT (like Cassey's POP HIITs) with no running; Seventeen Magazine Workout (if scheduled)

Here's this week's schedule (which I've been slacking on but I'll post it the way it was supposed to):
Sunday (Jan. 26th)
*Yoga for Weight Loss DVD
*Run 5 miles

Monday (Jan. 27th)
*New Blogilates video
*Bikini Blaster 4: Awesomesauce Arms
*Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back
*Toned Arms and Sculpted Back (Cocktail Dress Series)
*POP Pilates Upper Body Workout
*Killer Summer Bod (Seventeen Magazine Workout)
*Run 1 mile

Tuesday (Jan. 28th)
*New Tone It Up video
*Love Your Abs
*Itty Bitty Abs
*Sleek and Slender Abs
*Tone Up The Lower Abs
*10 Minutes to Amazing (Seventeen Magazine Workout)
*Run 3 miles

Wednesday (Jan. 29th)
*POP Pilates DVD
*Killer Summer Bod
*Run 4 miles

Thursday (Jan. 30th)
*Love Your Booty
*Beautiful Booty
*Lift and Tone
*Thailand Tush
*10 Minutes to Amazing
*Speed Workout (not quite sure which one I'm doing yet)

Friday (Jan. 31st)
*Legs on Fire
*Sexy Sculpted Legs (Cocktail Dress Series)
*Hips, Butt and Thighs Super Shaper Workout
*POP Pilates Legs and Thighs Workout
*Saddlebag Shaver
*Killer Summer Bod
*Sweat Sexy Treadmill Routine (From Blogilates)

Saturday (Feb. 1st)
*POP HIIT 6: Feel This Moment (from Blogilates-Cardio Blast will either be on the elliptical or stairs at the house depending on if I make it to the gym for this one)
*10 Minutes to Amazing
*Biggest Winner Workout (Seventeen Magazine Workout)

Okay, sorry for the super long post but that's about it for now. Until next time, remember to cook yummy food (and share recipes with me!), have intense and awesome workouts, have fun, and try not to let winter get you too far away from the Motivation Trail! :)