Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year and Workout/Motivation Tips

I can't believe today is New Years Eve!! Feels like last week was January! Wow where has 2013 gone? I've gone through a couple jobs and started Culinary school along with other (bad and good) things. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope everyone has a great New Year!! 

I was sitting here watching movies and decided to share my tip of the day for staying motivated: use a journal, notebook or planner/calendar to log workouts, food, water intake, etc. My dad's friend's mom gave me a 2011 calendar and I'm using that for my workouts :) the days of the week are wrong but it has the right months and days so it doesn't matter, right? Right :) mine is a daily calendar full of corgi pictures (I'm totally OBSESSED with corgis!) :D I'm writing down Cassey's calendars (from blogilates.com) as they come out and I wrote down 2 monthly workouts from Seventeen magazine as well as running workouts to improve my speed :) I'm doing one workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and another Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays BUT I'm alternating them. I doing one on even weeks and the other on odd weeks. I'm also changing workouts every month :)

My running workouts consist of various speed and 5k training plans I've found online and through twitter :) I'm running a 5K (3.1 miles) on the first of every month (and the end of each training plan) to track my progress though the year :) Pinterest is an excellent source for running and walking plans for races or to get in shape :) I save both running and walking workouts to my iPad and take it with me to the gym or downstairs in the basement where the treadmill is. Printing them out works too which leads me into another tip I actually found on Cassey's Blogilates app. I found a post on the POPstergram where someone printed Cassey's POP HIITs and put them in a sheet protector and placed them in a binder :) what I did (since I currently don't have a printer) is I wrote down her POP HIITs and the Victors Workout and placed them in sheet protectors along with Seventeen workouts I saved from previous issues. Use dry erase markers (I bought a small pack of Expo markers at Walmart for around $5 for 8 different colors and I use them for the workouts) so you don't have to waste the sheet protectors. They can be found anywhere they sell stationery :) I bought a 50 pack of sheet protectors at Big Lots for $3 and a 25 pack at Walmart for about the same price :) I put one behind another and with the Seventeen workouts, I tore them in half (along the page break) and placed them in sheet protectors so I can see the workouts without having to flip back and forth to see what I'm doing :) 

BTW-congrats to all the NFL teams that made the playoffs (with my Philadelphia Eagles being among them!) :) psst...don't count us out ;) we won an epic game against the Cowboys last night and I'm still smiling about it! :D

Happy New Year everyone!! Remember to eat lots of amazing and healthy food (blogilates.com and hungry-girl.com are great sites for guilt-free recipes that taste amazing!!), help a friend and/or family member get in shape and remember to have loads of fun!

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