Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports And Workouts 7-13-13

Sorry I haven't posted in days but I've been super busy lately :P Anyways, this week's (well actually last week) Sport/Workout is about Blogilates.

I have mentioned Blogilates before but that's the food side of it :) She's a Pilates instructor over in California who I discovered by looking up workouts on tumblr back in February or March. I definitely didn't look back when I found her videos! I did them every night till the middle of March when I really got stressed and I felt it when I didn't the workouts. I was so happy and relaxed when I finished the workouts and when my motivation fell, I definitely felt it. I was miserable and always tired. I actually did lose a few pounds when I did the workouts and I was always sore, which is the most amazing feeling in the world when you're working out (at least in my opinion anyways lol this is coming from a 3 year track thrower!) Once I started back up again (which was right before my back really started bothering me a couple weeks ago) it felt so good. Reading all the stories of POPsters (which is what us Blogilates fans call ourselves) will inspire you because last week's really inspired me, partly because it was about a shot putter (which is what I threw in track, along with discus and javelin in the spring of junior and senior year). I read her story and realized anyone could do it on top of everything.

I'm totally OBSESSED with Cassey's workouts! I haven't been able to do any in the past week or so because I've been having muscle spasms in my back for the past few weeks. Once I get started again it will be awesome! Her workouts work so well, even she gets sore after them and she's the one who puts them together!! I love how dedicated she is to helping others because she doesn't post the workouts for herself!

I'm personally obsessed with her Food Baby gets you going and it's not all that long either. I love how she starts that video too! Warning: you WILL be addicted to it! Here's the link to the Food Baby workout:

This month, she's putting together different HIIT workouts and even though I haven't been able to do any because of my back, I've read that they're intense too! To be honest, all her videos are! I haven't felt that good after working out in a while and that's rare for me lol. Each month, she puts together a different blend of the videos she already has plus she has a new video every week. Here's the link to the new July calendar! I'm not sure if the password is still up but it may not be :D

If you're a POPster, let me know which workouts and recipes are your favorites! My favorite workout is Food Baby as I said earlier and my favorite recipe is the banana-oat cookies (I think I posted this recipe last week but I'm not sure)

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