Friday, July 19, 2013

Mix and Match :)

So here's the mix and match I've been promising you all forever!! :)

1.) Skinny Jeans, Rue21
2.) Jeggings, Aeropostale
3.) Purple skinny jeans, JC Penney
4.) Blue skinny jeans, JC Penney
5.) Yoga shorts, Aeropostale 
6.) Shorts, Aeropostale
7.) Sweat shorts, Aeropostale
8.) Leggings, Rue21
9.) Tshirt, JC Penney
10.) Ombré Tshirt, JC Penney
11.) Surfer Tshirt, Aeropostale
12.) Tank top, Rue21
13.) Jean shorts, JC Penney
14.) Yoga tank top, Aeropostale
15.) Haters shirt, Rue21
16.) Ombré design shirt, Aeropostale
17.) Gray Aero logo shirt, Aeropostale
18.) Beach shirt, American Eagle
19.) Flower shirt, Aeropostale
20.) Studded tank top, JC Penney
21.) Purple shirt, Aeropostale

I'll pair everything up in a bit :) my phone is being annoying at the moment :P these are all the pieces I've bought over the past month or so on clearance racks!

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