Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hobbies And Stuff 7-5-13

Since I completely spaced yesterday here is the hobby of the week...collecting

I collect a couple things actually. Some are a little kiddish I know but the other is cool (at least I think it is)

One collection I have is American Girl dolls. Right now I have 2 but I'm going to have more soon. I have McKenna (girl of the year 2012) and Serena (My American Girl number 19) :)

Another is Rratz dolls. I have a few (mainly Yasmin cuz she's my fave!) but it's getting bigger :)

My 3rd collection is Snapple caps :) this is my biggest collection :) I don't know how many I have but I know I have quite a few :)

All my collections are fairly small but they are growing at a pretty good pace :) let me know what you collect! I want to know

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