Friday, July 19, 2013

Hobbies And Stuff 7-19-13

Today is Friday!! :) happy Friday people of the world :D Wooo this week has been nuts! Hopefully I'll be able to relax this weekend :) Anyways (wow I say that a lot lol I need a new word!) time for this week's :)

Now, anyone can make a career out of a hobby (I'm going to college for Culinary Arts) but I personally think of music as a hobby because I do it for fun. I play piano and I know a little guitar. I do sing from time to time but I'm really bad at it so I just do it all for fun. I know people that take it seriously and they're amazing at what they do but I just like to enjoy myself and not stress out over it :) life is too short to be bored all the time and it's NEVER too late to try something new like learn an instrument :)

So what instruments do you play or wish you could play? Do you sing? Would you ever consider a career in music? I want to know :)

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