Friday, July 12, 2013

Hobbies And Stuff 7-12-13

Since I'm already on here posting, I thought I'd post today's! I personally love taking pictures of just about anything that catches my eye. I found this gorgeous, almost professional-looking picture of New York City when I was going through pictures on my phone :) I'll post a few of my favorites! If you have anything you'd like to see a picture of, let me know and I'll see if I have one (and if not, I'll post one!)

Here's my gorgeous picture of New York City (taken last year on a school trip)

Here's Center City, Philadelphia (taken on the way back from a trip to Reading Terminal Market last year) I wish I had a better pic but that's the best one I have

I took this one on the plane from Philly International to Orlando when I went on Senior Trip last April :)

I so have more pictures and I'll post them later :) It's getting late right now (3:40am!) so I'll post more tomorrow when I have some free time :) Till then, sleep well, try those recipes I posted earlier and don't get caught doing anything bad :)

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