Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fast Food Alternatives 7-16-13

This week has been a busy one for me. Monday I job hunted, Tuesday I was with my friend, yesterday I did stuff for college and today I washed my car :) well now that everything is done for now, I thought I should do this week's Fast Food Alternatives :D

This week's Fast Food Alternative is about fries! Everyone loves them so I think this is a good topic :) Honestly my favorite fry is McDonald's because they're almost always perfect but they're so unhealthy because of the salt and oil! I have a few alternatives and tips on making your own fries. 
Honestly the number one problem with fries is the fact they're fried. The oil is a big factor in this too. Most are probably fried in canola or vegetable oil which is very unhealthy. A little tidbit to make them healthier is to fry them in olive oil because it's a lot healthier than the ones used in restaurants. 
Another big problem is that they're FRIED which is super unhealthy. Baking or grilling is much healthier plus the flavor is better :) I saw a recipe on Pinterest that used olive oil and sea salt on baked fries and it looks amazing (I haven't tried it though). 
Another thing to make them healthier is to use sweet potatoes or other veggies :) I like regular potatoes but other people like the sweet potatoes or squash or even asparagus 
Yet another thing to consider is the type of salt. Basic table salt is awesome but it's very unhealthy. Sea salt is a lot better for you but I think only Wendy's does theirs with sea salt.
Basically, the best way (in my opinion) to make healthy fries is to bake or grill them with olive oil and sea salt. I love keeping the potato skin on because it has better crunch :)

How do you like your fries? Which veggies do you like? Where do your favorite fries come from? Let me know :)

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