Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fashion/Hair Advice 7-4-13

First off, Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!! :D don't party too much! Anyways, onto the tips for today :)

Today's fashion tip is buy things that will match different things in your closet. If you buy a shirt that only goes with one pair of jeans or shorts, is it really worth it? If you buy something with different colors, you can always pair it with different tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories :) that makes the piece pay for itself in the long run! :) next week, I'll post different tops and bottoms in various combinations :)

Today's hair tip (curly haired girls...and guys too) is to not overload your hair with chemicals. I've noticed products with a lot of chemicals don't work nearly as well as more natural ingredients! I personally love VO5, Fructis and Suave Naturals :) they smell good, work very well and they're not that expensive!

Until next time, don't get too messed up today, eat lots of classic American food and have fun today!! :)

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