Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Random Things 7-14-13

I've been so behind this week that I forgot this week's 10 random things!!! :O omg sorry!!

Anyways...this week's 10 Random Things is about drinks! :) here are my 10 favorite drinks in no particular order!

1.) tea (sweet and unsweet)
2.) HiC (Fruit Punch is my fave)
3.) Gatorade
4.) Powerade
5.) Water (duh lol)
6.) Vitamin Water (the energy and xxx are my faves)
7.) Raspberry Tea (Peace Tea, Snapple, Wawa and Lipton are my favorite brands)
8.) Lemonade (it has to be made just right)
9.) Apple Juice 
10.) Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray is the best in my opinion!)

So there are my 10 favorite drinks :) notice how there's no soda. That's because I stopped drinking soda last September. I've had less than 10 sodas since (seriously!) I've lost about 15 pounds and counting and I'm a lot happier and more hydrated when I do drink fluids :) what are your 10 favorite drinks...let me know :D

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