Friday, June 28, 2013

Poll Info

As you can tell by my poll, I posted 7 different topics for everyone to vote for :) The day they'll be posted depends on the percentage of votes each answer gets. Here's a little of what each will be like:

Recipes/how-to's=>pretty self explanatory...I'll post recipes I like and pictures when I make them :)
Healthy fast food alternatives=>healthier homemade fast food alternatives. These posts will be recipes from other sites and also ones I have too.
Thrifty tips=>when, where and how to find the best prices on awesome stuff on clearance :) You save money and look awesome!
10 Random Things=>I'll post 10 different things about different topics. It could be TV, movies, colors, anything that pops in my head.
Fashion/Hair Advice=>tips on how to maintain crazy hair and keep up with the ever changing trends
Hobbies and Stuff=>I'll post random things about my hobbies and various things I like to do
Sports and Workouts=>I'll post different sports to try and why as well as workout sites/bloggers that I love :)

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