Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Random Things 6/30/13

Today's 10 Random Things will be about movies! :) here are my 10 favorite movies/series. You don't have to like them just no negative comments or else they will be removed and you will be blocked ;)
1.) The Rise of Kahne (you MUST watch this at least once!)
2.) Hunger Games (I'm totally OBSESSED with this series!)
3.) Happy Gilmore (a classic Adam Sandler movie)
4.) Date Movie (this is hilarious...that's about all I can say lol)
5.) Weird Science (this is so funny!!)
6.) Meet The Parents (the whole series is hilarious!)
7.) Mary-Kate and Ashley (these were my faves when they came out!)
8.) Bratz (animated and live-action=>they have really good storylines)
9.) High School Musical (Zac Efron...need I say more? Lol)
10.) American Girl movies (I grew up with the first 6 characters)

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